Bright opening of the exhibition "Common features" at the art center Jacob Grether!



On the 14-th of July art center of J. Grether presented emotionally charged project "Common features" by the talented Ukrainian artists Mariya Zrazhaeva and Les Panchyshyn. Creative tandem by their works opened new theme for deep reflection and motivated to be really true!

Each floor creative space of J. Grether inspired unique atmosphere. Visitors welcomed the multifaceted expression in the works of Mariya Zrazhayeva and impressive philosophical passion of Les Panchyshyn. It should be noted that the presented works conquered guests not only an incredible talent and furious energy, but also very stylish look.

The presentation was accompanied by live sound exotic instruments: Cajon, Djembe, tambourine, shaker that bright and sensual at the same time complement the celebration. African portraits by Mariya Zrazhaeva full of love and some extraordinary naturalness combined with mysterious exotic abstraction by Les Panchyshyn, reproduced unsurpassed flavor hot Africa.


The visitors had a chance to talk personally with the young artists. On the question "Why exactly Africa?", Maria Zrazhayeva honestly replied: "Indeed, in Africa - a place that is not distorted civilization, living most explicit and sincere people whose hearts filled with true love".
 So, we can focus on what art project "Common features" - a kind of hymn real feeling: love, honesty, openness and, most importantly, humanity.