Photo project "Ocean of Love" in RC "Ultramarine"!




Art center of Jacob Grether cooperation with RC "Ultramarine" are inspiring project "Ocean of Love" by the talented Ukrainian photographer Mykola Zavaryka.

Take us
Star dust
Man always attracted to the unknown. Such is his steadfast nature - learn, learn, explore. But this is impossible without main - reverent attitude to what is completely dependent on us. Unfortunately, the draft rights to the triumph of the world led her not only to major scientific discoveries and achievements, but also presented us in the opposite direction of creation - predatory instinct. Throwing light to their feet, humanity is inexorably destroys it. What could stop the destruction and completely switch us to create people? Mykola Zavaryka respond to this complex issue just one word and that word - Love. According to him, only love is just the man who was destined to be - people. Mykola finds his love and realizes the study and fix the camera underwater treasures.
In the case of Fame
Two worlds
I love you!

Mykola believes that the first principle of any human being - a penetrating beauty, seen and kept us for life. This creates a love that is strong energy creation and storage. If we love one day to another pass, then promote its multiplication. Only this is our human mission - multiply love sharing it with others.

Underwater photographer and his models
Portrait of a turtle in the interior
Other worlds
Shy sea Pegasus
Love your home, your planet, and then you have a chance that the world will respond to you in return. Art - a collaboration of God and the artist, and the lower part of the artist - the better. World - this is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page her.

Aurelius Augustine