ssence of life

ssence of life

29.01.2016 - 27.03.2016

Art Gallery “Manufactura” and talented Ukrainian artist Igor Mikula open a conceptual exhibition “Essence of Life” lifting the curtain of questions and answers about the true values of human existence.

Charles Bridge

The philosophical project shows a unique world, man and nature in their constant movement and variability. Different feelings are harmoniously joined in the paintings of the author, passing through time and space the moment of togetherness. It is fusion of the earthly and heavenly, vicious and innocent, male and female - a synthesis of complexity of the Universe in all of its ambiguous aspects.

Parallel worlds

Emerald Sinevir

The artist seeks to communicate his ideas in new ways, without affecting the abstraction and other well-known techniques of modern and postmodern trends.All works are painted in colorful pleasant colors, interesting and controversial stories give a cause for reflection.These paintings will become a wonderful part of home interior, which gives a true aesthetic pleasure!        

Name of liberty


The mood light and shadow

About the authorLviv artist Igor Mikula has conquered the audience  not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. The author is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and has participated in more than 20 international exhibitions and national plein air. The Western artist works in the field of easel, monumental painting, sacred art and graphics. His paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, the UK, the US and Switzerland.

The exhibition is held from Januar 29 till March 27, 2016

All works are available for purchase!